Vietnamese-VNEnglish (United Kingdom)

Why did you choose INES ???

Because INES provides technical services in mechanical refrigeration for all construction projects including design, consulting, installation and maintenance of refrigeration and computer network systems formultinational corporations.

From managing various construction projects, INES has accumulated valuable experience to meet all customers' requirements, with high-quality service and reasonable prices.

In addition to upgrading facilities and scale of operation, INES always focused on training staff core. INES found that human resources is an important factor for the success of the company.

INES goal is to establish a good working environment and professional staff so that they get the opportunity to develop and contribute to the future of INES CORPORATION and SOCIETY.

As a result, INES has gathered a team of young engineers experienced, dynamic, creative and skilled workers.

With the successful cooperation with customers in the last years, INES goal is to further enhance the reliability and long-term development cooperation with all the customers in the countries and Asian countries.